Slender Solutions by Stephanie
Owner/Body Contouring Specialist

I've been in the healthcare industry in a marketing capacity for almost 20 years. That's a long run for a small marketing firm called Medical Marketing Consulting. Too long if you ask me! I've also published a medical magazine, MD News, that went to every Physician in the Richmond Tri-Cities area. All of it was fun however I never felt truly passionate about it. When you stumble into a career that is lucrative, you just keep at it, eventually, though, it will be time to evolve.

This is my next chapter. I love helping people feel empowered about themselves, and it feels good to give back to people and inspire their confidence. I understand it must come from the inside first, however when you feel great about your appearance, trying to stay healthy, and give yourself some self-care, you can really help change lives.

Slender Solutions by Stephanie is more to me than just setting up a laser, talking about diet and giving injections. I want to empower those people that just cannot get off those last twenty pounds, no matter how much they diet or exercise. I want to help people achieve their dreams! The Zerona Z-6 is a big part of the equation, however my clients are going to receive very special attention. Other companies will take your money and treat you like a number. They are not invested in your results. I am not only going to be invested in your results, I will hold your hand for as long as it takes to get there! My competition is very expensive. They lure you in with a low dollar promotion and then, wait for it, the SALES pitch that costs big bucks and everything is priced individually and that really adds up! How can anyone afford all that? My packages are all inclusive, no hidden fee's or extra costs.