Guess What? You Can Shrink Your Fat Cells!

Is this you? You work out, eat right and lose 10-20 pounds but you can't shake that last trouble spot. If you are fit otherwise---and willing to spend---new, non-invasive methods offer a kind of liposuction "lite".

Our method of choice ZERONA Z6!!!--- Zerona Z6 uses low-level lasers applied in multiple (six to ten) sessions. It works by creating a temporary hole in your fat cells so that what's inside of them can leak out. Don't worry because the fat is broken down as it leaves the cell, so it won't up your cholesterol. Also, it is safer than old-school liposuction not to mention $1000s cheaper and there is zero pain, zero side-effects and zero downtime!

***Disclaimer*** Overeating may re-plump the fat cells, so you could regain some of the weight over time. SHHHHH...It's okay! We offer a maintenance package too!!! Head over to our home page or our contact us page where you can read more about our packages and service offerings by clicking the book now button. Don't worry pushing the button doesn't book you for anything, it just shows you our goodies!

Couples Challenge! We're In This Together!


Do you and your partner want to lose weight? Or perhaps you just want to tighten up those problem areas for your own peace of mind? Or you want to look your best for an up and coming event like a wedding or reunion? Or you want to get your body ready for the beach this summer?

Why struggle on your own when you can motivate and support each other to lose weight together with the Couples Challenge?!

Even if you are not in a relationship, you can still take advantage of the benefits of the couples challenge. We welcome partners, colleagues, friends or family members.

What are the benefits of trying a couples challenge?

  • Support each other
  • Strengthen your relationship
  • Improved lifestyle together
  • Eat healthy together with a custom diet plan
  • Feel good together: Our client average inch loss is 3.72 inches*. We have clients who have lost as much as 27 inches!
  • Save money! Our Couples Challenge pricing is a Two for One STEAL!
  • We are offering two promotional pricing packages (per couple pricing): Six (6) Zerona treatments per couple for $1500 or Ten (10) Zerona treatments per couple for $1900
  • Healthy competition is positive: Win a prize! The spouse, friend, partner, colleague or family member who loses the most inches will receive FREE teeth whitening by Dr. Brian Herod of Neighbors and Herod Dentistry (a prize valued at over $350!)

Happy Valentines Day!


Valentine's Day is for girls and guys. Give yourselves the gift of the Zerona Z-6 couple challenge! Ready, set, GO!

Get healthy hearts together with some fun competition!

Call me today for special couple pricing and details.

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